Tree Of Life Coverlet

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1780 - 1799

This beautiful coverlet is made from fine Irish Linen on which a Tree of Life design has been skilfully worked using the Broderie Perse technique. Broderie Perse, meaning ‘Persian Embroidery’, is a type of appliqué that was popular using 17th and 18th century Indian Chintz fabrics which had large clear motifs. These could be cut out applied to a plain backing to form a new picture or scene thought out by the maker. The edges of the cut out pieces were turned under and secured with a simple hem or blanket stitch.

One of the most popular of these designs was the ‘Tree of Life’. The Tree of life is an important symbol in many different religions and represents a vast range of powers. It is thought to be life giving, represents growth and links the earth with the heavens from its roots through to its branches. It became popular in Europe when traders brought imported Indian textiles that featured the design.

305cm x 305cm.

This Coverlet is currently on loan to The Quilters' Guild Collection.

Tree Of Life Coverlet