'Anglia Textile Works Presents...'

  • Thetford Trees by Annette Morgan

This exhibition will feature new work from members of Anglia Textile Works and each member has also challenged themselves to make a second, small quilt using only black, white and one other colour.

Anglia Textile Works is a small but well-established group of nine contemporary textile artists based in East Anglia including Fay Allwood, Yvonne Brown, Sheila Cetti, Kathy Colledge, Janice Gunner, Sara Impey, Chrissy Leech, Annette Morgan and Cherry Vernon-Harcourt

The group began their collaboration in 1997 to provide a stimulating environment in which to develop artistically, experiment with new ideas and techniques and find a wider audience for the innovative work being accomplished today in the textile arts.

The group are united by a delight in both process and materials and the desire to translate their own creative visions on to the textile surface. Many of them are inspired by the special qualities of the East Anglian landscape.

Image: Detail of 'Thetford Trees' by Annette Morgan