'Breakthrough' by Contemporary Quilt

Contemporary Quilt is one of four specialist groups affiliated to The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles. Its members aim to stretch their abilities in terms of design and technique. The group meets nationally, locally and over the internet and has its own newsletter and regular summer school.

The new juried exhibition challenged Group members to interpret the word ‘breakthrough’. The results varied. Catharine Stonard’s work ‘Kisses on Concrete’, was inspired by plants growing through the ‘X’-shaped holes in the concrete surfacing of a car park. ‘Mapping the Earth’ by Alicia Merett focuses on the importance of early maps and the breakthrough of new technology such as aerial photograph and GIS technology. Advances in science also influenced Janet Cook, whose fabric mosaic records the importance of ‘Perkins Mauve’, the first chemical dye developed in 1856.