Freedom to stitch:The Emergence of Embroiderer as Artist

  • Pagoda I by Lara Carter. Image courtesy of the Embroiderers' Guild.

Work by some of the country’s leading practitioners of art embroidery, including Michael Brennand-Wood, Julia Caprara, Alice Kettle, Paddy Killer, and Audrey Walker, will go on exhibition in the Quilt Museum and Gallery, York on 22 October.

Pieces from the collection of the Embroiderers’ Guild, will include such contemporary embroidery as ‘Pale Armistice in Death are We United’, a soft sculpture by Rozanne Hawksley. Among the nine historic pieces will be ‘Linen Bag’ by Elsie Myrtle William, demonstrating whole cloth decoration. A sub theme of the exhibition is the evolution of process shown through prints, surface markings and drawings.