Inspired by the Past: Traditional Practice and Contemporary Conversations

The Quilters’ Guild QuiltCollection forms the basis of ‘Inspired by the Past’. It will include one of the Guild’s most treasured items, a quilt made in 1887 by a Mrs Mills to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee. Lavishly embellished with embroidery it is pieced in an unusual pattern that includes large flowers made in the Log Cabin technique. Mrs Mills made the quilt in lieu of paying rent to her landlord and its silk and velvet fabrics and embroidery gave real meaning to the words ‘Victorian fancywork’!

One of the Guild’s most recent acquisitions, ‘Pink Boat (Dry Dock 1) by artist Jo Budd will also be included. Purchased with assistance from the Art Fund and MLA/ V & A Purchase Grant Fund, the abstract work was inspired by the industrial landscape of the Suffolk Coast.

In contrast, the exhibition will pair a traditional North of England wholecloth work featuring old quilting patterns like the Cable Twist and Weardale Chain, alongside a humorous work by quilt artist Sandie Lush. Sandie’s ‘take’ on a knitted cricket sweater‘, using traditional patterns, is a sound link with Triple X’, a yellow and white cotton sateen quilt made in 1910.