Migration: by Cefyn Burgess

"Migration" is the story of Cefyn Burgess' personal journey as he set about opening up new areas of his work. Burgess, originally a weaver, was awarded a grant from the Arts Council of Wales in 2006 to explore themes connected with the migration of Welsh people to America. His intention was to focus on two key elements of Welsh society, textiles and chapels, and to examine what each revealed about the lives of migrants as they adapted to their new homeland.

The results of his research include one particular migrant home in Pennsylvania, where the interior was an eclectic mix of traditional and modern. This interior became pivotal to his study and stimulated an interest in the "art of the home". This in turn led to creating a series of artworks based on quilts and woven blankets as well as experiments with stitch and embellishment.

"Migration" is a Ruthin Crafts Centre Touring Exhibition.