Namad: A Persian Journey in Felt by Bita Ghezelayagh

Bita Ghezelayagh, has practised as an architect, interior designer, film producer and costume designer and now divides her time between London and her native Tehran. In ‘Namad: A Persian Journey in Felt’, she presents a collection of over 20 thick felted and embroidered ‘T’ shaped tunics traditionally worn by Iranian shepherds. The cloaks are made from fleeces sourced in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains and produced by hand felting methods in workshops in Borujerd and Khorramabad

The tunics, which are both decorative and functional, are used as a canvas by Ghezelayagh to express her memories of growing up in Iran. The decorative motifs she embroiderers are derived from the Turkoman culture and include geometric forms, stylised tulips and birds and symbols drawn from the folklore of indigenous tribes.