Quilt Art at 25

Quilt Art, an international group of 20 textile artists, celebrates its 25th anniversary with an exhibition that demonstrates its diversity of inspiration, artistic and technical skills. The exhibition will be held in the Great Hall of the Quilt Museum and Gallery in York from5 February to 2 May 2011.

Throughout its exhibition history, Quilt Art has sought to create a separate platform for artists whose work was non-traditional, experimental and sometimes challenging. Its success in promoting quiltmaking as an art form can be measured by the fact that individual members have won major awards and had their work purchased for national and international collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London; the Museum of Art & Design in New York; the International Quilt Study Center in Nebraska; and the Quilt Museum in York.

The group mounts major exhibitions every two to three years and publishes an accompanying book. Following its appearance at the Quilt Museum in York, ‘Quilt Art at 25’ will travel to various UK and European venues.


1. Quilt Art was established in 1985 by The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles. The eight founder members were soon joined by others and today the group boasts a membership from the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Hungary and the United States. Quilt Art operated under the umbrella of The Quilters’ Guild for three years before leaving to become an independent and self supporting.organisation. It has maintained good relations with the Guild throughout. This exhibition marks its first appearance at the Guild’s Museum in York, which opened in 2008.