Signature V by zero3 Textile Artists

  • Jitterbug

This diverse group of textile artists gets its name from the year in which it was formed, 2003. Since then the group has actively worked to promote modern textiles as a more widely accepted art form.

Members of zero3 come from many backgrounds, and each artist has come to express her own vision through the medium of fabric. Producing a wide variety of work that ranges from cutting edge and contemporary, through to work that finds its roots in classic stitch, these artists exhibit insight and understanding of modern textiles.

All work is carried out with the artist's own hand-dyed fabrics. Some work is pieced whilst others are executed on whole cloth which may be layered. Most of the work is quilted or embroidered but one or two pieces concentrate on complex construction or multiple layers of printing to gain a dramatic effect.

zero3 has taken the theme ‘Signature’ as an ongoing exhibition title. This enables each artist free range to express her own textile language, and this will be very evident when viewing this exhibition.

Image: Jitterbug by Karen Farmer