Walks of Life: The Quilters' Guild Collection

  • Blackadder Livery Coverlet
  • Stars Quilt
  • Ladies Work Society Coverlet
  • Tailors Coverlet
  • 2017-7-A Honesty Skyline 133 x 164 cm, by Pauline Burbidge, Photo, Phil Dickson, PSD Photography 2015 small

The Quilters’ Guild is thrilled to announce the launch of its new exhibition “Walks of Life” which will debut at the Festival of Quilts (10-13 August, 2017) and travel to The Knitting & Stitching Shows in Harrogate (23-26 November, 2017) and Edinburgh (26-29 April, 2018).

Walks of Life examines the lives and stories behind the makers of fourteen historicquilts from The Quilters’ Guild Collection, ranging from 1830 to the present day,including the newly acquired piece, Honesty Skyline made by one of the UKs most influential contemporary quilt-makers Pauline Burbidge.

his social history centred exhibition includes a beautiful mosaic patchwork quilt in bright pinks and greens made by a Lighthouse Keeper’s wife in the 1880s; a star cotton patchwork coverlet with braided seams made by a soldier and policeman in the 1860s and a wool suiting sample coverlet made by a Tailoress from Edinburgh in the 1930s.

Also featured is a stunning patchwork coverlet made from off cuts of Livery Uniforms, made by employees of Purves Tailoring firm in Allanton, Berwickshire as a wedding gift for the owners’ daughter. Allanton is where Pauline Burbidge’s home and studio are located and this connection was something that Curator Heather Audin was keen to highlight - “it’s exciting to see the tradition of quilt-making surviving through the centuries, from the Allanton Tailors to Pauline’s professional quilt art works”.

“By exploring The Quilter’s Guild Collection from the perspective of the maker, we can share their backgrounds, their professions and their stories. The quilting styles and fabrics on display span over 150 years, so there’s plenty to inspire to today’s quilters”, said Heather.