Friends of the Collection: Turkey Red Exhibition

Published: Monday, 11th December 2017 15:56 PM

Friends of the Collection: Turkey Red Exhibition

Turkey Red is the name given to a complex dye process used to produce a vibrant, hardwearing and colourfast red. These properties made Turkey Red cloth very popular, and it was widely used throughout the 19th century in plain and printed designs for clothing, household textiles and quilts.

Explore some of the objects which were displayed in this exhibition by clicking on the links below:

Baskets Quilt
Sawtooth Medallion Quilt
Log cabin Cot Coverlet
Pentagons Pram Coverlet
Squares on Point Quilt
McLintocks Quilted Petticoat
Booth and Fox Quilted Petticoat

You can see more quilts and objects from The Collection that contain Turkey Red fabric here.