Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions frequently asked by those interested in the Collection.

  1. How can I donate quilts to The Quilters' Guild?
  2. How can I join The Quilters' Guild?
  3. Website Notice and Take-Down Policy
  4. How do I store or clean my quilts at home?

1) How can I donate quilts to The Quilters' Guild?

We are fortunate to have many heritage treasures in the Collection, which could only have happened through the generosity of public donations.

Collections Development Policy

The Quilters’ Guild focuses on collecting quilts and related quilted and patchwork items from the British Isles to represent a broad range of styles, techniques and regional influences up to the present day. It also collects ethnic non-British items that have influenced the development of patchwork, quilting and appliqué in the British Isles; items relating to the production of patchwork and quilting; fabric samples of value as a resource for dating quilts and modern quilts that are outstanding examples of best practice.

How to donate

Anyone who has a quilt that they would like to donate to the Guild should:

  1. Contact the Guild Curator 01904 613 242 providing as much information about the quilt as you have including family connections, maker information and history along with photographs of the piece.
  2. The Curator will acknowledge the receipt of your letter/email/call and inform you of the date of the next acquisitions meeting
  3. After the meeting, the Curator will contact you with the committee’s decision

If you are thinking of leaving the Guild your quilt treasures as a bequest, please contact us first to ensure that we would be able to accept them in accordance with our collecting policy.

Sadly we cannot accept every quilt that is offered to us. Storage space for the collections is limited and we can only accept quilts which fit into our collecting policy. We cannot accept duplicates of existing collection pieces,items in poor condition or those that we cannot store or care for properly.

A copy of our Collections Development Policy is available to view here

2) How can I join The Quilters' Guild?

You can sign up to be a member throughThe Quilters Guild Website If you have any queries, please ring our Membership Officer at 01904 613242.

3) Website Notice and Take-Down Policy

In the event that you are the owner of the copyright in any of the material on this website and do not consent to the use of your material in accordance with the terms of conditions of use of this website, please contact us and we will withdraw your material from our website forthwith on receipt of your contact details, written objection and proof of ownership.

4) How do I store or clean my quilts at home?

For questions regarding storage, cleaning and conservation, click here for more information.